All human struggle and suffering is caused by the disconnection from nature’s universal laws. Being inspired means you live and work without argument with nature, a fight with nature’s universal laws cannot be won. I want to help you live and work in harmony with those laws….this is coaching, training and learning individualised and contextualised to your specific situation.

“There are great masters such as Emerson, Plato and many Asian Masters (Lao Tzu) who are convinced that if you lived your life according to the principles of nature, then you would be at peace within yourself and with others – inspired. It’s a philosophy not uncommon in the ways of the East but has yet to be fully grasped by the western world. This modern way of coaching and training individually using this ancient theme will resonate with you, help you live inspired, so you inspire others to live and work exceptionally.”

Christopher Walker

The Incredible Gift of Understanding The Universal Laws of Nature

Many years ago people were in tune with nature. Nature’s harmony and human happiness were considered as one. They observed that what happened outside of us, was already happening within. But now, with time and technology, we have lost touch with this awareness. We are here to rebuilt that connection, showing that harmony with nature’s universal laws, inspiration, comes from within. Your life and work can become in tune with nature by knowing those laws. Nature is surrounding you every moment and you can witness the order in the chaos simply using nature’s universal laws to evolve your viewpoint. It can heal you, help you grow, inspire you, give you incredible mental and physical resilience and guide you into the future.

Christopher Walker
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“Future of Work – Disruption lies ahead.
Driven by accelerating connectivity, new talent models, and cognitive tools, work is changing. As robotics, AI, the gig economy and crowds grow, jobs are being reinvented, creating the “augmented workforce.” We must reconsider how jobs are designed and work to adapt and learn for future growth.

” Deloitte, the Future of Work – Evolve”

A True Leader – “A Real Model” – Be Inspired at Work….

“I committed to life coaching Chris on the condition that if I heard one single word of rhetoric, I’d run. I didn’t have to…

” Ex Frustrated Entrepreneur – New York, USA

“I wanted to build my career but I refuse to compromise my home life with my partner and children. Chris’ tough love showed me the way, evolved me and coaches me to stay there.

KPMG – Partner

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Why Inspiration and How do We Live It in Everyday life?

Inspiration is when your inner voice speaks louder than the outer voices. Quietening your mind you get to hear that inner voice and this guides you. It’s the ultimate Soft Skill of Life.. Your inner compass…it motivates and energises you.

Christopher Walker

To be inspired we learn and apply nature’s universal laws… there are five of them and they exist (govern results) in business, life and relationship. People are different in nature because they tune into these laws, so we bring them to sport, work, life and mind to create health, wisdom and love in everyday life.

Christopher Walker

Stillness comes: all my coaching and training sessions are held in nature… people are different in nature: More open, more inspired, more engaged in life, more visionary.

Christopher Walker

Turning up at home or at work requires inspiration and Chris shares those skills that truly changed my life. This iwalkinspired process is a must.

David, Entrepreneur, VC Group, $2bn

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“Before beginning coaching, I recommend the 30 day challenge to introduce the skills of inspired living: the emotional shower, HIT training for health, Innerwealth, Vision, Psychology of success and more.

More about the 30 days

In 30 Days

“Graduates of the Back on Track™ 30 Day Challenge Training Program become inspired. They are motivated to work as effectively as possible. They are moved by an expansive vision. They are fascinated by life and driven to experience it fully. They respond well to change although they do not necessarily like it. They think clearly when information is uncertain and belief structures are impaired. They see  connections between a fast moving world and their vision, and they have open and receptive state of mind that is not paralysed by information they had not expected. They have mastered the art of working with people and are able to communicate honestly, pursue compelling vision and engage with integrity. 

This 30 Day fully coached programme reveals how you can develop mind control, confidence, certainty, self awareness and focus. It will help you improve communication and leadership from a place of self-awareness. It will help add depth to your work and provides active tools for being and doing the best in all areas of life.

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“Real motivation will only be achieved when employee interests align with the company vision”

iwalkinspired – Corporate Evolution Programme

Moving from Motivation to Inspiration in Corporate Self-Leadership…

1. Most employee motivation programs fail due to corporate and personal self-interest
2. Lasting change can only be achieved when employees are personally inspired
3. Magic happens when personal inspiration aligns with the company vision.

Christopher Walker

Training Programmes

Step 1 – Inspire the individual
Step 2 – Balance the corporate vision
Step 3 – Align personal inspiration to the vision

I attended Chris Walker’s program in Canada. I am a leader of over 5,000 people and his teachings just transformed our organisation.

Deborah, CEO, DIRECTOR, Canada

An inspired organisation must begin at the individual level. It is not a bulldozer that pushes everyone in the same direction, it is the genuine heart and soul of each individual pushing for their own dreams and linking them to the organisation’s that makes it happen. And once it starts, it becomes beautifully contagious. Bypassing so many of the old ways, moving motivation to inspiration… this is the future of work, home, world.

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Your Coach


Inspired by Nature

As I mentioned, one person I have used for some time as a sounding board, life coach and career development is Chris Walker – ex engineer, entrepreneur and life coach master who has made and lost millions, written loads of books, led 10s of groups into Nepal, spent serious time in zen in the Himalayas, and worked all over the world including with indigenous Canadians in Canada. Anyway, if you are open to a challenging conversation, then I recommend you reach out to him.

Martyn, Venture Capital Group, Australia


For 30 wonderful years Chris Walker has helped bring the beauty and harmony of nature into people’s lives. He’s helped people all over the world find, live and work with more spirit, inner peace and personal harmony.

Since 1976 Chris has run training programs, guided people to the highest peaks in the world, taught executives about self mastery and helped many young people in his youth programs. He’s dedicated to bringing people together in harmony with nature, helping them find their true nature and the nature of life. Beyond the mundane putting the spirit back into life.

Carrying a pack, discovering new trails, exploring the human spirit, dreaming with immensity, and gaining far away horizons: escaping the destiny of the sedentary, loving above all the supreme liberty of the human spirit at one with nature. This is Chris Walker’s life!

Like the trails he explores with a pack on his back high in the mountains, unravelling the mysteries of harmony and focus at work or in relationship creates something special for any individual who decides to explore the wonders of it. A uniqueness, a resilience to the instability of conventional attitudes, a real freedom that only the human heart can fully understand.

Chris is a free spirit, an inspired individual. He follows his heart and helps others do the same. Are you ready to explore it?