Stillness – Overview and Introduction

G’day, my name’s Chris Walker and I want to talk to you today about Stillness, real life stillness.  Ahh, so easy in an ashram.  You go to one of these places, a health resort or something or a healing centre, it’s real easy to be calm and still in one of those places because, well [...]

Be Accountable to YourSelf This video is inspirational. It's too easy to fall into the trap of thinking we must ask permission from someone to be ourselves. It's too easy to think that the opinion of others, partner and family is more important than our own. It is too easy to spend a life trying to please people, [...]

Awareness. The Qi to Life…

Mindful of Body Mindful of Feelings Mindful of Mind Mindful of objects Mindful of Body. Begin to live as nature wants you to live. Demand of yourself a higher standard of health and happiness. Put yourself in Nature’s hands and let her run your machine and heal your ailments. Your rewards will be many in [...]

Why a Personal Vision Statement is so Important

Everything important that you do well in your life rests on your vision statement.Christopher Walker From ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics on the sides of the Pyramids in Cairo, to the great texts written on banana leaves of the incredible Mahabharata of Hindu India, to the Dharma of Buddhism in it's far roots of Sri Lanka and [...]


I think there is nothing more important in life than a relationship. I think life purpose is only necessary to make relationships last. I think that a blind drive for success with a partner you don’t love is the darkest place on earth. I think, the greatest pain in my whole life, is regret. I [...]

Why do 80% of Relationships Fail?

The global statistic for relationship failure has risen to 60% end in divorce in the Western World where divorce is allowed. That leaves a 40% success rate of staying together. Now, discount from that 40% couples who are having affairs (together but not together), domestic violence (couples who are together by fear), sexless couples (couples [...]