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To evolve means to take where you are right now in life and improve it, to walk inspired, and no matter where you are in your life the evolution never ends. Evolving means you get more done in less time, you have less stress, you feel less overworked, you have better life balance, your health is improved, greater concentration and there’s more enjoyment and fulfillment in the process of achievement.

The Evolution Never Ends

“I committed to life coaching Chris on the condition that if I heard one single word of rhetoric, I’d run. I didn’t have to…

” Ex Frustrated Entrepreneur – New York, USA
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“This 30 Day challenge with Chris is more than digging deep, it’s about taking control & driving the bus. 

Chris, Entrepreneur, Restauranteur. Australia

Test drive the “iwalkinspired” coaching for 30 Days and see how evolving your work, life, health and mental performance affects your life. After 30 days you can continue or stop, no obligations.

30 Days to a richer, more rewarding quality of life…. test drive iwalkinspired coaching…

Covering all areas of life, the 30 day challenge introduces us to the evolutionary mindset… a way of growing through challenge and appreciating life. It changed my life and my performances. It’s the foundations to success, evolving and enjoying life… I thoroughly recommend it.

Rachael, Performer, Artist and Singer
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I attended Chris Walker’s program in Canada. I am a leader of over 5,000 people and his teachings just transformed our organisation.

Deborah, CEO, DIRECTOR, Canada

An inspired organisation must begin at the individual level. It is not a bulldozer that pushes everyone in the same direction, it is the genuine heart and soul of each individual pushing for their own dreams and linking them to the organisation’s that makes it happen. And once it starts, it becomes beautifully contagious. Bypassing so many of the old ways, moving motivation to inspiration… this is the future of work, home, world.

“Real motivation will only be achieved when employee interests align with the company vision”

iwalkinspired – Corporate Evolution Programme

The Way I see it….

1. Most employee motivation programs fail due to corporate self-interest
2. Lasting change can only be achieved when employees are personally inspired
3. Magic happens when personal inspiration aligns with the company vision.

Christopher Walker

Step 1 – Inspire the individual
Step 2 – Balance the corporate vision
Step 3 – Align personal inspiration to the vision

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Evolution is a universal constant. Change, but in what direction. All life, business and nations, including the stock market and relationships evolve at the border of order and chaos. Know this – apply this and you will be an instant success in any walk of life.

Christopher Walker

1. Learn to predict the future by understanding universal principles…

2. Coaching sessions are always held in nature… people are different in nature: More open, more inspired, more compassionate, more visionary.

3. Bring it Home…. we evolve one area of life, we must evolve in all.

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4. Nothing affects the child more than the unlived life of the parent… Create your vision…

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Listen to Walker Talk – Podcasts Inspired from The Heart of Nature..

CHANGE ONE CHANGE ALL— Podcasts with Chris Walker and Troy Jones


“This work is more than digging deep, it’s about taking control & driving the bus. It’s about clever use of time & resources to be absolutely present in each of the different pieces of the puzzle. It’s about clearing a rolling fog that if allowed, will persist throughout the day/week/month/year. What I achieved in just 30 days of coaching with Chris is an effective day, combining the elements of healthy food, exercise and focus on the current task and making time for the big picture, all threaded together in a way that hits these pieces at full throttle. This approach brings the relief and release that comes with knowing you can have a solid, effective crack at something without the fog of distraction, without competing alternatives for any given minute or hour.”

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In this book learn how:

  • You will improve your productivity by expanding your vision.
  • You will experience new techniques for increasing personal effectiveness at home or at work
  • You will gain new insights into the human dynamic and therefore be able to better manage difficult people
  • You will share the importance of exercise, deep breathing, relationship for high performance in business life
  • You will gain valuable insights that will help you develop greater peace of mind, more clarity and greater certainty
  • You will discover tools for improved relationship, better health, well-being and self management for success.
  • You will lead better by building a culture of human potential with people doing what they love with an inspired vision.

From the Inside Flap

All is a miracle. The order of nature, the revolution of a hundred million worlds around a million of suns, the activity of light, the life of animals, all are grand and perpetual miracles.


The life force of corporate performance is personal performance. People who are changing in order to live productively in this new age can create extraordinary results. The key element of this dynamic is a particular turn of mind. More than amassed capital or technology or wisdom or connections it is a flexible and inventive approach to life that will determine who recognizes new resources and transforms them into useful goods, services and values.

It’s a fast changing world and our lives are being altered in ways we cannot predict. Every major institution is being transformed. Our most deeply held values and the nature of personal relationships are changing drastically. So anyone who wants to generate meaningful responses to the events of the times must become a change agent.

In Innerwealth Christopher Walker reveals how you can become a change agent. The most successful change agents are moved by an expansive vision. They are fascinated by life and driven to experience it fully. They respond well to change although they do not necessarily like it. They think clearly when information is uncertain and structures of belief are impaired. They see connections between a fast moving world and their organization and they have an open receptive state of mind that is not paralyzed by information they had not expected. They have mastered the art of working with people and are able to communicate honestly, pursue compelling vision and engage with integrity.

Innerwealth reveals how you can develop mind control, confidence, certainty, self awareness and focus. It will help you improve communication and leadership from a place of self-awareness. It will help add depth to your work and provides active tools for being and doing the best in any area of life.

Since my first meeting with Chris and after reading his book, my life has taken on a new dimension, I understand myself more, the world and people around me, I am more at peace with myself, which I had not been for several years. I sought advice / solace from Chris when I was really struggling and hurting, it was really affecting my career and I was given the tools to help me through” 

Errol, CEO – MELBOURNE – Retail