A One Day Detox Program

Wake before sunrise with the thought "thank God I'm alive." Make sure you feel this, not just think it. Drink a glass or two of pure (boiled or distilled) lukewarm water instead of coffee or tea when you wake. Skip coffee / caffeine for just today and drink pure water all day and herbal tea [...]

Putting the Heart and Soul Back into Work Life

You don't need to strap on your hiking boots or your skis, just go and explore the blue and green spaces you work and live around every day. It's about making time to feel naturally happy and it's easier than you might think. Nearly 50 per cent of the Western World, and soon the entire [...]

Walker’s Wisdom … Moving from Milking Life to Living it

You get up in the morning and go to work. You could die on the way. People in the World Trade Centre in 2001, all went to work expecting to come home but didn't. So, is your work worth dying for? Usually not. Your company want you engaged at that level. However, unless you own [...]