The power of adopting a toddler mindset

From "If you can’t fit your idea on the back of an envelope, it’s rubbish" once claimed Richard Branson. Another entrepreneur who shares the Virgin Group founder’s passion for simplicity and creativity in business is Ella’s Kitchen founder Paul Lindley, whose new book - Little Wins - encourage us to ditch entrepreneurial clichés and [...]

WORKSHOP: Moving Clumsy OLD Motivation to Inspiration

When button up boots and steam engine technology came to the world, so did motivation. Button up boots are now velcro, steam engines are now solar powered, and yet, most of the world, including all corporate training, still advocate motivation. It's as if Maslow's hierarchy hasn't been proven wrong. Which it has. If you're interested [...]

Putting the Heart and Soul Back into Work Life

You don't need to strap on your hiking boots or your skis, just go and explore the blue and green spaces you work and live around every day. It's about making time to feel naturally happy and it's easier than you might think. Nearly 50 per cent of the Western World, and soon the entire [...]

Walker’s Wisdom … Moving from Milking Life to Living it

You get up in the morning and go to work. You could die on the way. People in the World Trade Centre in 2001, all went to work expecting to come home but didn't. So, is your work worth dying for? Usually not. Your company want you engaged at that level. However, unless you own [...]

Inspiration is Real and It’s What Anyone Who’s Experienced Real Life Understands. It’s not an emotion.

Inspiration is not an emotion.Emotions come from all different parts of the brain. If information is received in certain parts of the brain, emotions are triggered. A loud noise, a beautiful sunset, a nice perfume, a bad taste, touching smooth skin, these all go to certain parts of the brain and trigger a response. But [...]