Getting and Keeping Your Internal House in Order

As I watched the news unfold this week about yet another terrorist attack in Melbourne and about another mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, in California, I recognised the words from a clients in a coaching session, “You know, you can’t go anywhere anymore. Nowhere is safe.” I’ve always known life is fragile. My mother, just [...]

Total Commitment: It’s a journey not a destination

Commitment is a big part of being a great version of yourself. There are countless reasons not to be. The ice-cream someone else has always tastes better, we wish we chose their desert at dinner, we would love to have more money, why are we stuck with the partner we've got, aren't someone else's children [...]

DEDICATION: A great story of turning challenges into opportunities… positive mindset

Bradden Currie gave it his all but the result wasn't what he expected. This is the mark of great humanity, spirit, when the going is tough, and odds were against him, he stuck at it.   At Innerwealth, mental strength is a part of being a great person. We encourage our execs to build [...]

A 7 Day Course – Exercises in Stillness

In order to learn the skills of jumping the ego, you will need to be prepared to practice certain disciplines. The learning can take some weeks but in the end, the space you will own and be able to return to at will, is worth the effort. Practice Discipline Day 1. Dead stillness If your [...]